Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mythical Man Month Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mythical Man Month - Essay Example It is only after IT based business house developing and altering large potential customers that the requirement has raised to develop latest and new software's and hardware. Necessity is the mother of invention. As w all know, we tend to learn only when there is a need to. To compete with the new requirement software engineering has evolved over the years and trying to perform to the core. In fact learning in the software engineering course is phenomenal over the years. The software and the supporting hardware, which we have now, were not available in those days. The software companies in olden days were lagging in planning, coding, scheduling and repartitioning. Now a days planning and scheduling has become organized and well treated aspect of development. Software test has come a long way over the decades. The testing techniques now has grown in numbers and are able to test the developed software using different tools within no time. Testing engines have learnt a lot from the developed versions of testing techniques. It is sure that over the years IT companies have learnt a lot as how to make profit within minimum number of employees for a particular project. In olden days training used to play a vital role before the project is assigned to teams. Every member of the team is initially trained almost for a month. Then comes scheduling the project and assigning the modules to the team members. Number of members per team is the key aspect for a project. Since each employee must have almost three times of communication between the team. As the number of team members' increase then there should be three times more communication per each employee for the successful completion of the project. It is almost like closing a fire with gasoline if we increase the number employees for project. Because there should be perfect communication between the team if the number of employees are increased or it ends in to a disaster like if we keep on closing a fire with gasoline. The skill and interlining of the employees has also shown a phenomenal growth over the decades. Until recently software developed were small and the client requirement was also not so demanding. But at the perfect age requirements are matching global standards. Silver bullet in this context is a weapon, a tool to suppress the horrors created by the software bugs and errors. The intention is to use the silver bullets, which can magically lay the errors and bugs to rest. Software developing does find many difficulties. There are no silver bullets available for software. There are no substantial inventions in this field. Considering the inherent properties and irreducible essence of software system, the following are the problems faced by software engineering: Complexity Conformity Changeability Invisibility Software is too complex than human construct. Since no two parts are alike. Similar parts are generally made as a subroutine. Computers are the complex products. This inherent complexity makes conceiving desirability no difficult in a more simply way to classify the software entity is that they are not repletion of the different elements. The elements interact with each other in a non-linear fashion there by increasing the complexity more than linearly. Software entities in olden days use to suffer a lot due to hardware constraints since software are developed

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