Friday, August 9, 2019

Managemnt strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Managemnt strategy - Essay Example It will begin by examining the core objectives and plans of both companies. The paper will then examine the leadership structure as well as the products, industrial matters and core competitive strengths of both companies. Vision & Mission The mission statement of a company defines the main reason behind the formation and maintenance of a business (Johnson et al 42). It justifies the reason why the firm exists and describes what it was set up to achieve. On the other hand, the vision of a company involves an outline of the things that a firm seeks to achieve in the foreseeable future (Johnson et al 42). In the case of KFC, the mission statement identifies that it was set up to provide the best chicken meals to customers. The mission is to provide different chicken dishes to customers and improve their core competency in doing this (KFC Website para 2). MacDonalds' mission is to become the customer's favorite place to eat and provide an experience that is unrivaled to the customers (M acDonalds Website para 1). In doing this, the spell out their vision which interlocks with the mission. MacDonalds identifies that their vision is to provide the best services to customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the community at large (MacDonalds Website para 4). ... In comparison, KFC is specialized and focused on chicken and related brands. MacDonalds seeks to provide a good eating experience in a general atmosphere. They both seek to promote their activities through enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. Internationalization and globalization are at the heart of their visions. Additionally, they hope to seek continuous improvement and development of their systems and structures. SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis involves an examination of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company. This provides a view of how they are faring and provides an overview of how they can reshape things to meet the competition that will come up in the future. SWOT Analysis of KFC Strengths Brand Equity: Everyone knows about KFC Large international presence Strong cashflow position, only second to MacDonalds in revenue. Variety Specialized and focused Weaknesses Legal issues with International Expansion Lack of focus on Research & Development Weak marketing systems Poor customer relations Opportunities Attach and improve delivery service. Potential to expand further internationally to developing countries. Meet demand for quick meals Diversify into providing healthy foods Threats The promotion of healthy eating which emphasizes that KFC is not so healthy The presence of many competitors. The growth of supermarket food joints. Source: Nick's Business Blog SWOT Analysis of MacDonalds Strengths Strong brand name Large partnership with suppliers Socially responsible Provides health facts Loyal employees and management Culturally sensitive Focused on children Weaknesses High employee turnover Too focused on children to the neglect of other sections of the population. Although they provide

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