Thursday, August 8, 2019

Case Study Healthcare Funding Policies Term Paper

Case Study Healthcare Funding Policies - Term Paper Example 5 Works Cited 9 Name of the Student Name of the Professor Name of the Course Date Healthcare Funding Policies INTRODUCTION: HEALTH CARE POLICIES Presently, the costs of healthcare policies, intricacies in healthcare systems, cost challenges, and various other factors are responsible for the increase in the demand of the health care policies. Health decision making is vital to the growing economy as it ensures the welfare of the people and also has a profound impact on the socioeconomic, political, and cultural context. The different funding methods have different impact on the public health decision making and its way of choosing the regulatory mechanisms. The health care systems of varied nations are largely influenced by the guidelines prepared by World Health Organization (WHO). Similarly, the health care systems in the USA encompass various regulations that are enacted by the US government like Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 and Patient Protection and Afford able Care Act. The US government plans to impose further regulations for the benefits of the common people. Health care policies of the USA will be introduced in the study and its benefits to the common people. ... HEALTH CARE POLICIES: UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE POLICIES The growing health concerns among the common people, regarding the health care system in varied nations have led to frustration. Situations like overcrowded emergency rooms, extra fees for health care facilities and non government aid for health benefits are also regarded as important health issues (Jackson). Apart from health care policies, which are largely influenced by the government regulations, the health care policy consensus group is a collaboration of organizations, which signify various points on the continuum and the spectrum (â€Å"How US health care reform will affect employee benefits†).The key features of the universal health care policies are price consciousness, consumer empowerment, social solidarity, quality of healthcare, clinical autonomy, responsiveness, conflicts of interest etc. In the United Kingdom the health care facilities provided by the government are largely based on need and not the ability to pay. The National Health Services (NHS) provided by the government are free and provide medical facilities worth ?2400 annually. The UK health care policies are designed to keep in the mind the age, sex, education, race, and class of the common people. The social and health care insurance is designed by the government keeping universality, price regulation, open enrolment, and a regular benefits package system. Universality includes compulsory insurance, which includes subsidization for the sick and healthy patients. Price regulation includes risk compensation for the insurers especially for the highly risk ensured (Singh & Kant 200). In the USA the health mechanism is given due consideration and is not regarded as a gift,

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