Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Critically discuss the distinction between quality control and quality Essay

Critically discuss the distinction between quality control and quality assurance - Essay Example If the team identifies a problem in a product, it makes the quality control department stop the production of that product for the time being not only to make required changes in the product but also to ensure that the product meets the customers’ demands properly. â€Å"Quality assurance is the process of verifying or determining whether products or services meet or exceed expectations† (Kietzman 2011). It is a process-driven approach towards achieving quality which requires specific steps to identify and attain goals. Quality assurance exceeds the customer expectations through a measurable and accountable process. The quality assurance team examines and tests the product manufacturing process in order to ensure excellence in every stage of the process by identify the defects and taking appropriate steps to remove those defects. Quality control involves such actions that assess and evaluate the manufacturing process of a product, whereas quality assurance involves such activities which ensure adequacy of the product development and quality maintenance processes. Quality control team focuses on finding defects in a product in order to remove them.

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