Friday, September 27, 2019

Why you should be selected to receive this scholarship Essay

Why you should be selected to receive this - Scholarship Essay Example I went on to desire a better standard of living and soon became aware that my occupation was far removed from my intellectual capabilities. It became obvious that the complete realization of my potential demanded an education. Although it takes courage to give up a job and take a new path, I returned to school, confident that success comes to those with the determination to win. This scholarship will enable me to make my college education possible. I am a first-generation college attendee. This makes me deeply aware of the privilege of a college education. My personal and professional experiences have honed my sensibilities and I am able to make the best out of every opportunity in college. I have chosen a Business major, with a concentration in Finance, as I believe that commerce has the greatest potential to contribute to personal satisfaction and to bring about change in the world. I plan to earn a MBA and go on to become an entrepreneur in the field of food service. I believe that my past makes me particularly motivated to make the best of the chances this scholarship will give me. My return to school would not be possible without the support of student loans and financial aid. I am often moved by the generosity of those who are helping me to make my dreams of success a reality. I look forward to a time in the near future when I, as a

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