Thursday, September 19, 2019

Examining the Effectiveness of Starch Blockers On the Digestion of Carbohydrates :: Dieting Health Nutrition Papers

Examining the Effectiveness of Starch Blockers On the Digestion of Carbohydrates 1. Introduction Starch Blockers are all the rage in the weight loss industry. Archangel Health Store proudly announces Dr. Marshall’s Phase 'oLean it's Product of the Month ( One patron claims that she lost 14 pounds in her first week of using starch blockers. Another declares, "Honey, from now on, you'll be seeing less of me." ( If these claims are accurate, then why is America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) working to eliminate starch blockers from the market? Why are medical test results showing that starch blockers are not only ineffective against weight loss, but are harmful to the people who ingest them? 2. Claims Manufacturers of Phase ‘oLean claim that taking their starch blockers will block most of those â€Å"empty calories† from that dinner of spaghetti and bread. This happens when the alpha-amylase inhibitor in the product stops the digestion of carbohydrates, causing the starch to pass through the digestive tract without being absorbed. Advertising emphasizes that people can heap on the potatoes and pasta and still lose weight. All the consumer has to do is take one pill 15-20 minutes before each meal. An additional pill may be taken if the meal consists of heavy starches. Weight loss can be expected to occur almost immediately after beginning use of Phase 'oLean. Consumers may take the starch blockers until they reach their desired weight, and then use them again if they need help maintaining that weight. ( 3. How It Supposedly Works The Phase 'oLean formula is a kidney bean protein extract that is supposed to inhibit the action of alpha-amylase, which is the enzyme that they say digests starches in the bowel. Manufacturers claim that any carbohydrate that is ingested in the presence of this extract will simply pass through the system undigested and be lost as feces. Phase 'oLean supposedly absorbs only starch calories and leaves the nutrients from food to be digested normally. ( Marketers claim that carbohydrates are not essential to the human diet because after they are eaten, they break up into starches and sugars, which are then used either as a quick source of energy or are stored as fat. Calories from carbohydrates should make up 40%- 60% of the average person's daily food intake.

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