Monday, September 23, 2019

Effects of Information Systems on Decision-Making Process Research Paper

Effects of Information Systems on Decision-Making Process - Research Paper Example Influence of internet in the decision making process â€Å"When it comes to driving consumer decisions about a range of products and services, the Internet is by far the most influential media channel† (Hillard & Harris, 2010). People explore details on in internet before they take most of their purchasing decisions. Since internet has reduced the distance between people and place, it is possible for a consumer staying India to purchase a product from America or Europe. So they will compare the prices of a product in domestic market and international market before taking decisions about whether to purchase that product from domestic market or international market. Moreover, people take purchasing decisions after analyzing the product reviews published on internet. For example, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S2 are fast moving cellphones in the market at present. People rely heavily on internet to read the reviews of these products from internet before taking their purchasing decis ions. â€Å"Internet users report that online resources not only allow them to quickly and easily compare options, but also to seek out expert and peer advice that enables them to act with greater confidence†(McRoberts, 2010). ... For example, today, many of the Americans were asked to work in China on deputation in order to help their organizations to establish its business units there. Before taking a decision about whether to proceed to China or not, these people search the internet to know more about the political, social and professional climate in China. Before advancing further in education, teenagers leaving from schools will often search internet to decide about the courses they wanted to study in colleges. It is not necessary that all the courses offered in a college have equal job potentials. So people often search internet to know more about the job potentials of certain course before taking decisions about whether to accept it or not. Internet can advise people in taking their healthcare decisions also. For example, keloid is a severe skin problem which occurs due to repeated injuries at a particular portion. Even though surgical removal of keloid is possible, the chances of reoccurrence are immen se. There are other therapies also for keloid like laser treatments, radiation therapy etc. However, all these treatments have some kind of side effects. A person suffering from keloid can search internet to know more about the pros and cons of each keloid treatment before opting for a particular treatment. In other words, internet can help people in taking decisions about using certain drugs or therapies for removing some of their health problems. Internet can help a person to plan his journey properly. â€Å"Internet can now be used to inquire about the flight timings and delays which make it easier to plan for the departure time† (Effect of Internet on our daily lives, 2008).

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