Thursday, October 31, 2019

Definition of a princess or anything else Essay

Definition of a princess or anything else - Essay Example d person just because you haven’t ever had to earn a living and even if you would have then all you would’ve done is, buy the entire Macy’s clothes collection just because to get an opportunity to look down on everybody else...’’ While it is true that I enjoy manicures, pedicures and saloon hair treatments once every forty days but it doesn’t make me a spoiled spendthrift or even a snob and it is also true that I work at the local Hospital as a certified Nurses Assistant where I’m dedicated to taking care of my patients, my patients regard me as a friendly Nurses Assistant. I am a person that enjoys helping out people in every possible way. I would do almost anything to make the lives of others better. I enjoy working for the betterment of the health care profession and that is the reason, why I have been doing it for the past twenty years and I work hard and put my best foot forward to accomplish the best for my patients. Due to my love and kindness for mankind, I’m sure that I would help anybody regardless of caste, creed and color. Therefore, I’m a kind hearted and a hard working person and not a spoiled snob. I’m from a small North Dakota town, and I made my way to Grand Forks after graduating from high school, and in order to feed my family and to save money for college I had to become a conservative person. I was earning more than any girl my age and was not only supporting my family but also saving money for college. Later I continued my education to pursue a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. This means that I have the patience and heart to take care of other people other than myself. It also means that I have the will to devote my life for the betterment of others. For me, my patients come first and this is very different from the idea of a snob, therefore I’m hardly a cold hearted person who looks down on others. Another reason, why people usually stereotype me is because of my aristocratic looks and ice blonde hair. My good

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