Monday, October 21, 2019

Case Study In Human Resource Management Example

Case Study In Human Resource Management Example Case Study In Human Resource Management – Case Study Example Case Study in Human Resource Management Summary Haier has been ranked as the sixth largest global manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The arrival of Zhang as its new CEO has greatly contributed to the company’s success. Under Zhang’s leadership, the company annual revenue increased from RMB 3.4 millions to RMB 104 millions. Haier achieved this progress with 23 operation plants and 240 employees. The company has significant value for its employees and, employee appraisals are paramount for its advancements. In addition, Haier has a systematic training program that aims at creating professionals from its employees. Haier’s employees are also expected to give an account of their performance and their performance improvement strategies. The company also include the value of its employees in its accounting records. Thus, an employee can surpass his/ her value by surpassing their goals and expectations. This has enabled the managers to classify each employee into an ap propriate talent pool.Swot analysisStrengthDedicated employees or human capitalHaier has managers have excellent employee motivational strategiesTracking employee’s profit and loss enhance efficient operationHaier has globalized the manufacture and sales of its productsWeaknessThe company had difficulties in maintaining large number of employee.Considering each employee as a separate entity with individual profit and loss account complicates the company’s accounting system.OpportunitiesThere is a growing demand for the company’s products in the developing countries.Large number of skilled workers in the Chinese populationThreatsThe company stand a chance of loosing its employees to other company.Most employees feel threatened by the intensive human resource monitoring system.The expense of training employees is likely to increase the company’s cost of operation.The footstep model overshadows employee’s progress denying them appraisals and promotion .ReferenceHarzing, A. J. Ruysseveldt, V (2004). International Human Resource Management. London: Sage.

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