Thursday, July 25, 2019

Web Application development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Web Application development - Assignment Example The people who share same spirits in sports would find this application as a great place for sharing their experiences, giving and taking advises, organizing events etc. This application will use the latest technology and simple yet elegant user interface. The Application allows it user to search people based on their interest in any sports. Search results could be filtered by location when the area of the operation expands in the future. The application will be developed with HTML5 and JavaScript in the front end and PHP in the server side scripting. Initially MySQL could be used as database client as number of users and frequency of interactions are considered. When future functionalities are introduced and website’s hits will be increasing, a more scalable database client such as Cassandra could be used. In this report we are including a detailed timeline for the development of application, design, structure, implementation details and future development ideas. New users can register to our web application through a signup facility. Users are requested to provide an username and password in order to gain full access to Sports pal .Non registered users can access only the homepage contents. User data is only passed through an encrypted SSL connection (Buttyan n.d.: 1). During the registration process Sports pal will collect details such as Full name, Date of Birth, Email address and physical location of the users. These details are displayed in our profile page. User can also update these details even after signing up to our application. These profiles are publicly viewable by all users of the application. Users are requested to add a sport of their interest during signup process and it could be edited in user profile functionality. Users can update their status message logging in to Sports Pal. This is a common featured shared by all social networking websites today. This facility will allow

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