Saturday, July 27, 2019

To what extent does Channel Four continue to fulfil its original remit Essay

To what extent does Channel Four continue to fulfil its original remit Is that remit still relevant in the current broadcasting environment - Essay Example The recent reality show of the Big Brother has been a huge hit among the viewers of the UK. From its humble beginnings, the channel has matured to one of the most popular channels in the UK. In 1995, Brookside attracted nine million viewers. â€Å"Four Weddings and a Funeral† drew eleven million viewers. These programs have been an integral part of the success of the channel. The channel has been following its remit in the broadcast of its programs. The remit of the company as stated in its website is as follows: â€Å"Foster the new and experimental in television.   It will encourage pluralism, provide a favored place for the untried and encourage innovation in style content perspective and talent on and off screen†. (Twenty years of Channel 4; Statement of promises). Throughout its history, the channel has been introducing programs that have been hardly viewed by the people of the UK earlier. The remit of the channel has been to introduce innovation in the programs in the channel. The channel has a full repertoire of programs ranging from drama, films, comedy, documentaries etc. Channel 4 has covered almost all the genres of entertainment. The channel has been targeting the youth with its programs, which has been attacked by Sir Jeremy Isaacs, the founder of the channel. In his words, "To target and reach a demographically clearly defined audience - the 18-35 year-olds - and single-mindedly commission a bulk of programmes that suits their tastes, however laddish or yobbish." (Twenty years of Channel 4) The choice of the programs in the case of the channel has been increasingly linked to the needs of the younger generation. The use of the adultery, sex etc. in the programs has been popular. This has been seen in the case of all the genres of the programs. In the case of comedy, the programs like â€Å"Balls of Steel† have a rich content of adult humor. The program

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