Monday, July 29, 2019

Lions Den Sports Bar & Billiards (Business Plan) Research Paper

Lions Den Sports Bar & Billiards (Business Plan) - Research Paper Example Lion’s Den will run under single proprietorship, with top managers running the various facets of the business. Management wishes to establish the business by means of coordinated marketing and operational execution that will solidify name recognition, and appreciation for the concept. The efforts include both above-the-line and below-the-line advertising, face to face communication and focused strategies. With the marketing plan taking care of drawing the crowd into the business, the operations team will further strengthen client relationship by providing excellent customer service, exemplified by stringent operating guidelines, and up to date employee training and extensive product research. Its expansion plans also prompts management to focus on good inventory management, investing only on fast-moving goods and at the same time, not fearful of experimenting on new trends to find out which fit the target market. The sports bar business will compete in terms of facilities by offering the most number of televisions in the city, and a state of the art table top audio control to give the customers the comfort of being able to listen to his program without the interference of other clients, or without having to wait for the assistance of the service crews. There will also be top-of-the line sports facilities that include billiard tables and dart boards, a mini arcade and a concept bar that are both comfortable and edgy in nature. Clients will feel at ease, and at the same time, be entertained the programs, facilities, visuals and food that the restaurant offers. Lion’s Den will also capitalize on Information Technology and computers to provide the best facilities to the target market. It plans to further expand its business by opening more branches in neighboring cities in the next five years. New Jersey has the most number of malls

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