Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Letter of reference Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Letter of reference - Essay Example Roses leadership. This was no faint praise and Mr. Rose should be very proud of his contribution to this program. At our university, Mr. Rose has shown his overall interest in developing our English program. In cooperation with the US Embassy, Seoul Korea, in October 2010, he arranged a sponsorship to financially fund the Fellowship program for a number of personnel from our university to attend the KOTESOL (Korean TESOL Seminar) held in Seoul, Korea. Bringing all of this together required a great deal of imagination, fortitude, and perseverance. Mr. Rose deserves all of the credit. In regards to office policies and interpersonal relationships with our staff, Mr. Rose has blended in quite well. He has demonstrated his ability to show respect for our office policies and his willingness to work in a cooperative manner. Mr. Rose works very well in team situations and has always developed a good rapport with peers, co-workers, and students. He clearly enjoys enjoys teamwork while simultaneously possessing the motivation and knowledge to work efficiently and independently on major projects in an independent manner. He works extremely well under pressure and has always been able to put his best forward and receive top results.   Mr. Rose is an excellent organizer and deals effectively both with technical people and with those to whom he reports. He is kind and gentle. Superior under stress, Mr. Rose actually appears to become more calm and more patient as stress escalates or conflicts emerge, making him an extremely valuable lead team member who can inspire excellent performance, ensure accountability, and build bridges even under duress. In short, I would consider any company or institution very lucky to have Mr. Rose join it, as he is virtually a shoo-in for creating the atmosphere and structure necessary to bring together a successful project. His qualities and work ethic underpin success. I

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