Sunday, December 1, 2019

Time in the Great Gatsby free essay sample

People of the Old Money are a tight-knit group; their connections with other rich and powerful families have been created in the past and maintained for a long time, so they possess a certain amount of grace, taste and social subtlety that other classes lack. These connections, and other factors, are what make this social class powerful, and therefore they are able to stay safe and comfortable behind their money and status. In the final chapters, Daisy commits an unpardonable crime by running Myrtle down while driving Gatsbys car. Myrtle dies, but Daisy, because of her money and status, escapes without accepting any responsibility. Gatsby represents New Money. Such nouveau-riche has gained wealth in the post-war economic boom of the 20s, and in Gatsbys case, through illegal activities. However, even with the acquisition of immense wealth, Fitzgerald shows it is impossible for a person born into a lower class to move up the hierarchy. We will write a custom essay sample on Time in the Great Gatsby or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Many of these people are ostentatious and lack the social graces and taste of the Old Money class. This factor is obvious in Gatsbys monstrous mansion, his yellow Rolls Royce and his weekly parties. In fact, the whole of West Egg is described as vulgar (Daisy), if seen through the eyes of the more dignified and reserved residents of East Egg. When the Buchannans attend one of Gatsbys parties, Daisy is appalled by West Egg, stating that it had raw vigour that chafed under the old euphemisms. (pg. 103) Despite his wealth, it is apparent that Gatsby will never fully belong to the Old Money class. This is explained when Tom, Mr Sloane and a lady visit Gatsbys house. When the lady includes Gatsby in the invitation to her house for supper, he completely misses the subtle reluctance in her offer and accepts. The fact that the offer was just out of politeness can be seen when Tom states, Doesnt he know she doesn’t want him? (pg. 100) Furthermore, Gatsby does not have any social connections with other aristocratic people, and this is shown best when he distances himself from his guests. Gatsby can never really escape his humble origins. He was essentially herded†¦ along a short cut from nothing to nothing (pg. 03) Nothing symbolises his poverty-stricken boyhood, but also foreshadows that eventually, he will end up with nothing. He has played host to a multitude of people at his extravagant parties, but dies friendless and almost alone. In the America of the 1920s, many people acquired wealth, but that did not guarantee acceptance into the ranks of those who were considered Old Money. As a novel about wealth, Fitzgerald makes a distinct s tatement that Gatsby, a representative of the New Money group, does not have the innate qualities of people such as Tom and Daisy. Thus, it is impossible for these classes to integrate completely.

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